Two Methods of Losing Weight Essay

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Two Methods of Losing Weight

Heather Williams

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October 26, 2012

Suzanne Welsch

Simple modifications in one’s diet combined with regular exercise can have a dramatic effect

and will encourage habits for a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance. However, it might be

difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, but eating healthy has benefits to help promote

one’s well-being. In today’s society, exercising is more of a necessity in order to live a longer

and healthier life. A healthy living lifestyle is much more than focusing on nutrition and fitness,

it is to properly analyze one’s body type and keep track of one’s calorie intake on a daily
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If one exercises at a lower intensity, a higher proportion may come from

body fat, but this may be a smaller absolute number of calories (“RunningforFitness, 2009”).

Regular exercise can help reduce ones risk for chronic diseases and illnesses. This includes heart

disease, stroke, type II diabetes, obesity, back pain and osteoporosis. It also enhances the normal

functioning of the lungs and the heart which alone can lead one to the fitness in life. Any amount

of exercise, at any age, is beneficial to everyone (“MedicineNet, 2012”).

Exercising thirty minutes to one hour a day is enough time to help one lose weight. When one

is constantly active it helps one’s body to function properly. A good workout is the right

combination of the cardiovascular exercises and the strength training exercises. Apart from the

workouts one can do in the morning and in the evening, one must remain active throughout the

day. Walking or running on a daily basis will help provide one’s body with some kind of

physical activity that the body needs. One should take the stairs and avoid elevators when one

goes to the office. One can park their car a mile away from one’s office and go walking. This

helps to burn extra calories and will help one to lose weight. Aerobic activity can also make

one’s heart stronger and more efficient. Weight training can be performed every

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