Two Communities Adapting As One Essay

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Two Communities Adapting as One
I’ve been exposed to two major Vermont communities around me growing up, one being a privileged school that could afford to support athletics, dances, bussing systems, and had the opportunity to be nationally ranked for test scores. The other one that I was also able to be exposed to was a school that had trouble funding, a higher drop out rate, city bussing systems, and low income families. Having the ability to be exposed to these schooling systems allowed for me to question the communities as a whole for example, the people within the communities, difference in school (grading, criteria, common core, etc.). These aspects of the community can affect the way the schooling systems are run and how they are viewed not only to the students attending the school, but also the public. These people in the community represent the schooling systems and how they are interpreted. There are a variety of people when it comes to communities as a whole. The first community I briefly discussed in the last paragraph being the more privileged one, has more of a “higher up” class. By this I mean that they don’t have to worry about funding or what their child is going to eat the next day, even their child’s education, this “higher up” class doesn’t have to worry about if their child is getting the correct education they need to succeed in life. Whereas this other community that doesn’t have the ability to have these things, struggles every day with providing…

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