Love And Conflicts In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Love and Conflicts in Twelfth Night
In the old days people mostly entertained themselves through plays and theatre. One of the greatest playwriter at that time was Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a very known playwriter who's plays are all over the world today. In one of his play's called Twelfth Night, he shows us how human emotions drive people to make either good or bad decisions. Some of the actions these characters take lead to good or bad consequences that teaches the audience a lesson. There are numerous lessons in this play but the most important lessons are that you should not think that you are better than others, love drives people to do crazy things and never give up.
There have always been plenty of conflicts between people in the
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In the time of Shakespeare, there was a lot of discrimination between people whether it be because of race, gender or wealth. Some of the people in the play were victims of this but they took actions to overcome these limits. Olivia in this book was a high ranking and well respected lady but there were a lot of things that she was restricted from doing because she was a woman. Women at that time were not allowed to do anything except sit at home and wait for a suitable suitor. Olivia fell in love with Cesario the first time they met. She wasn't allowed to really speak about her feelings. She also couldn't publicly ask Cesario to court her but she didn't let that stop her. She still told Cesario that "Enough is shown. A cypress, not a bosom, / Hides my heart"(III.i.112,113). She told him about how she felt and she didn't let the stereotypes get to her. Likewise, Viola was a brave woman who had to make tough decisions to protect herself. When Viola was separated from her brother because of the shipwreck, she had to find a new way to provide for herself. She came up with the idea of becoming a eunuch which was probably illegal. As a result of her crazy actions, she got a job at the Duke Orsino's house and had enough to take care of herself. Additionally, Viola demonstrated her determination when she and Feste have a battle of wits in

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