Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Essay example

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Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a play written by world famous poet William Shakespeare. The romantic comedy, is believed to have been written in the early 1600s to represent the celebration called “Twelfth Night”, which is a celebration during the passing Christmas time and has, since the play, also been coined “Opposite Day”. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare illustrates a balance of the genders by using Viola, and different characters, to prove that women and men are equally capable of a deep, honest Love, contrary to popular belief. Twelfth Night is a story that follows a woman named Viola who, shipwrecked, washes ashore and decides to disguise herself as a man named Cesario. Cesario becomes a servant to Orsino, the Duke of Illyria. Viola, disguised as Cesario, quickly falls in Love with Orsino. Orsino is preoccupied with trying to win over Olivia, the woman in which he was formerly courting. Olivia was distraught and struggling over the death of her brother. Olivia claims that she refuses to court a man for 7 years. The story takes an interesting turn when Olivia creates a Love triangle by falling in Love with Cesario, who is secretly Viola posing to be an attractive man. Meanwhile, Sebastian, Viola’s twin brother was separated from her after the shipwreck and they each think the other is dead. However, neither of them are dead, and the play takes a very interesting turn when Sebastian finds his way to Illyria. In this play, Shakespeare focuses most of his attention…

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