Tv Influence On Children Essay

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Many parents feel differently regarding the influence Television has on children; however, I believe television has a positive effect on children because it educates them. It teaches them different things they will need to be familiar with. In my opinion, it prepares them for school and occurrences they will come across in life. Not only does television influence your child, it takes them to places around the world and opens a “treasure chest of information.”

Educational shows are useful for kids because they can introduce vocabulary and increase their common knowledge. There are shows that will teach them about alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors. History shows will explain to kids about the past. Documentaries can help improve critical thinking about society. News, current events, and historical programming can make children more aware of other cultures and people. Children who find it difficult to be motivated in school may be entertained by educational shows improving their overall attitude about learning. A recent study said that, “kids who watched education and informative tv shows show better results in math, reading as compared the one that don’t watch television”.

Some shows, for example, are Team Umizoomi it teaches numbers up to 100 and has adding and subtracting. Little Einsteins introduces classical
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Some say that TV is violent in a child’s behavior, but I think if you switch violent shows to educational TV it can improve their behavior I believe that there are ways to avoid it by watching the show or reading to prove that the show meets your criteria. You can put a lock on shows that you do not want your children to watch. You can do a lot to change the reasons why you do not want your children to watch TV. You can increase it by setting TV limits and creating TV rules like not letting them watch TV until they complete their homework and

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