Turning Point Of America During The Spanish American War Essay

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Turning Point in America Even though the Spanish-American war only lasted four months, it caused a turning point in American foreign policy, and had a continuing effect on America many years later. The Spanish-American war took place in 1898 lasting until 1902 under the presidency of William McKinley. America had been isolated in foreign policies many years previous which changed drastically due to the Spanish American War causing America to control more power. During this time America was trying to improve its society through a social and political reform by adjusting to new ideas which played a role in the Spanish-American War making it a turning point. Economic issues were also a very important role that lead America to a new foreign policy by strengthening the trade with other countries. Post Civil War and Gilded Age Era, the United States had been focused on rebuilding the nation through industrialization. They increased rapidly on the miles of railroads in the US and the business booms took over like Rockefeller oil company and Carnegie’s steel company. America’s attention was mainly on improving the inside which caused us to be isolated to foreign policies before the Spanish-American War. The reconstruction previous of the war caused the US to gain the strength and the confidence needed to join the war against Spain. America had been isolated to foreign countries since 1812, because of Washington’s farewell address in which it advocated neutrality,…

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