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London Metropolitan University

Turkish Airlines Marketing Plan (Portfolio) Summer/Winter 2010/11 UK

By Nikola Georgiev Student ID: 07059973

CA3002C Aviation Commercial Planning and Marketing

Tutor: Nicholas Coleman

London Metropolitan University

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction 2. Business Strategy 2.1. Airline Overview 2.2. Existing Market 2.3. Competitors Overview and Situation analysis 2.4. The Competitors 2.4.1. British Airways 2.4.2. Pegasus Airlines 2.4.3. Easyjet 2.4.4. Competitors products 2.4.5. Competitive advantage of Turkish Airlines. 3. Strategic Marketing Focus. 3.1. Mission 3.2. Goals and Objectives 3.3. Values 3.4. Core competencies 3.5. External Environment -PEST Analysis 3.6. Internal Environment –
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Although Turkish Airlines compete with a very strong positioned and well known operator as BA, the company remains very stable and its market share is estimated to be 54% of the total market (Reuters 09). Another advantage of Turkish Airlines is that the company serve the route to Istanbul through regional airports in the UK, as Manchester (the 2 nd largest airport after Heathrow) and Birmingham. Never the less, it also operates flights to Istanbul from other airports such as London Gatwick and London Stansted. Table 1 below shows the current flight schedule of Turkish Airlines from UK to Istanbul. Table 1 From Birmingham International London Gatwick London Heathrow London Stansted Manchester
Source: Turkish Airlines

To Istanbul Ataturk International Istanbul Ataturk International Istanbul Ataturk International Istanbul Sabiha-Gokcen Istanbul Ataturk International

Flights Per Day 1 2 3/5 2 2

2.3. Competitors Overview and Situation analysis Turkish Airlines competes with three main airlines on the route London – Istanbul. These are: British Airways that execute flights from London Heathrow to Istanbul Ataturk (2-3 flights daily), Pegasus Airlines serving London Stansted – Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (1 flight daily) and Easyjet serving London Gatwick – Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (1 flight daily) (2). Based on the above information, Turkish Airlines main competitor is British Airways – as a full service airline providing connection from main-to-main airport,

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