Tupac Amaru Shakur, One Of The Most Influential Essay

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Tupac Amaru Shakur, one of the most influential, controversial rappers to have ever existed. He grew up fatherless and at times motherless because of drugs, violence, and twisted ideas. Through struggle and hardships he found his flow. He showed the world that something can come from nothing. From joining up with the Digital Underground to his single debut, he worked up he grew his fan base rather quickly. As he grew in fame so did the East Coast and West Coast rivalry. Soon after a sexual assault scandal Tupac was shot in his studio. After recovering, he was sentenced, succeeding his incarceration, he signed with a new record label. Not long after being out Tupac returned to production, recording albums faster than he could sell them. He seemed to be doing well and was until one night after leaving an event he was gunned down. A lot of conspiracies surround this on why, who, or if it was faked. A great deal of people would say that he did fake his own death. Tupac Shakur came from a really crooked family, his father was a black panther. Tupac really did not get to meet his dad until he became an adult. Without a father him and his mother moved around, so it was kind of hard for him to get comfortable anywhere. When they finally settled, he attended a school for the arts. There he explored ballet, dancing, and acting that is not the only thing that he discovered though. While living in Baltimore, he discovered rap and began performing as MC New York ("Tupac Shakur."…

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