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Semporna Islands Darwin Project
Capacity building to enhance Marine Protected Area effectiveness

Tun Sakaran Marine Park Visitor and Willingness-to-Pay Survey

Elizabeth Wood and Jamie Valiant Ng 2011

Contact information Dr Elizabeth Wood: Marine Conservation Society; Semporna Islands Darwin Project Manager. ewood@f2s.com; elizabeth.wood@mcsuk.org Jamie Valiant Ng: SIDP/Sabah Parks: Community Outreach & Public Awareness Officer. jmieval@hotmail.com Helen Brunt: SIDP Sabah Coordinator: helen@sempornaislandsproject.com

Sabah Parks, PO Box 163, 91307 Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia PO Box 10626 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah www.sabahparks.org.my sabahparks@gmail.com Marine Conservation Society, Unit 3 Wolf Business Park, Alton Road,
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50% of visitors were interested in a half-day visit to a seaweed farm.



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TSMP Visitor and Willingness-to-pay Survey


156 of the respondents were scuba divers and of this total 42% said they learnt to dive in 2011 and 74% of these new divers did their training in Malaysia – most of them in Semporna. 13% of respondents learnt to dive in 2010 and a total of 33% from 2000-2009. These divers trained in a range of localities around the world, including Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Egypt and the UK. 92% of the divers said that they would be making between 1-10 dives in the Park during their trip. Of the remaining 8%, most were expecting to make between 10-30 dives during their stay. One third of the divers said that their diving experience was excellent and half said it was good, with only 16% rating it average ad no-one saying it was poor or very poor. Half of the respondents thought the reefs were healthy and 36% thought they were average. Only 5% considered them very healthy while at the opposite extreme, 4% said they were in an unhealthy/poor condition. There did not

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