Truth Is What Your Contemporaries Let You Get Away With Essay

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The post-modern philosopher Richard M. Rorty once said that “truth is what your contemporaries let you get away with.” This implies that truth is something that can be manufactured and manipulated to the heart’s content. However, through a thorough analysis of Plato’s and Aristotle’s concepts of metaphysics and methods of inquiry, it can be concluded that truth is indeed discovered, not manufactured. Though both Greek philosophers have different approaches to explaining the world and discovering truth, one can synthesize their philosophies and methods in order to prove that truth is discovered, not manufactured, through contemplation and experience.
In order to gain a better understanding of how truth is discovered rather than manufactured, one must examine the philosophy of Plato. A quintessential concept in Plato’s philosophy is the idea of being versus Being. In Plato’s Republic, the philosopher claims that there are two different realms within reality: the visible world of being, and the intelligible world of Being. In the world of Being, there exists what Plato calls the Forms. The Forms are Plato’s First Principle; he claims that the Forms are perfect, eternal, and non-changing objects in the intelligible realm, and these compose the Essence of the physical world; these are how things ought to be. Examples of the Forms include the concepts of beauty, justice, and truth, and these cannot be perceived by the senses. Rather, they exist innately within the objects in the…

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