Truth And Bright Water Culture Essay

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Truth & Bright Water Culture Essay Webster 's dictionary defines culture as "the beliefs, customs and arts of a particular society, group, place, or time"(Culture Definition). Although to the majority of people they would describe culture as the norms of society or as something that everyone does. Quite often people are confused when a culture is different from theirs. In the novel Truth & Bright Water there is a confusion of cultures due to the fact that British colonial ways have been integrated into the community of Truth. The three ways that British colonial ways have caused a confusion of culture are the way the people in Truth think, the tools they use and how the people of Truth act. Each of these effects cause confusion in their culture.

To start off, the first way that the people of Truth are loosing their culture is how they think about different situations. There are different stages of British colonial-like thinking throughout Truth. The first stage is when the people of Truth are willing to mock their culture for money. Elvin mocks his culture when he finds out that white tourists like to buy handmade wooden carvings by aboriginals. Elvin mocking his culture is shown best when he says "[t]here 's this guy who sells stone turtles...[h]e gets a hundred and fifty bucks a pop." (King,35). Once he realizes that he could make some money off of his culture, he begins to sculpt wooden coyotes. Elvin 's plan is to start mass producing the wooden coyotes so that…

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