Essay about Truman 's Decision On Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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Americans dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Japan under Harry S. Truman


Americans dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Japan under Harry S. Truman
Under the rule of President Truman, USA were ready to use an atomic bomb against Japan. Various options that were suggested to the president for retaliating against Japan, but he decided on the nuclear bomb that has not been in use for a period. Truman based his decision on the past phenomenon such as “the wake of the bloody battles on Iwo and Okinawa. “The essay focuses on the primary objective of the Harry S. Truman, which is dropping the atomic bomb on Japan about the moral dilemma that the president faced. The controversy has led to examining whether the atomic bombing was an appropriate decision.
Advice to drop the atomic bomb on Japan was because of the brutalities associated with war in the Pacific. In history, the controversial from Truman’s decision on dropping the weapon remain a source of debate. Many were against the leader, but that made Truman famous and recognized in the United States. The dilemma was between those who believe the choice of the president and those who opposed it. About War Theory, critics of the decision of the president claim that it lacked proportionality and discrimination (Amstutz, 2005). Therefore, was considered as an immoral act by some of the Americans. As a controversial event in history, many reasons have been associated with the decision. The end of the World…

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