Truman Winning The 1948 Election Essay

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It is seen that different politically or ideologically counterpoised magazines or newspapers handle political, social, military or economic controversies in different ways. In the case of Truman winning the 1948 election, this was no different. As different newspapers covered the story of Truman becoming the 33rd President of the United States, in different ways. While certain liberal newspapers like The Washington post, covered the story in a more positive manner calling him the indomitable Missourian, the hero of the 1948 election and also comparing Truman’s win to the reelection of Abraham Lincoln in 1864. On the other hand, Conservative newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, covered the story in a different light, calling the 1948 election a great upset, one of the astonishing political upsets of American history, and that Truman was able to win because of his calculated campaign strategies.
In the article ‘Truman and Lincoln’ , published by The Washington Post, we find the writer Williams Wayne C compare Truman’s win of 1948 election to the reelection of Abraham Lincoln in 1864. He does this by pointing out that in both cases the candidates running for the presidential election had unfavorable odds against them, and that even then they managed to find a way to win the elections of their times. The writer also mentions that it is commonly heard that Truman’s election was unprecedented in American political history, as it took place due to the unfortunate death of FDR.…

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