Atomic Bomb Argumentative Essay

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New weapons, more deaths and too much fighting. Its a battlefield out there. Will Japan fight back with the same, new effective weapon we used? Back in World War Two the United States and Japan were going back and forth with each other. Japan was not giving up and was showing no clear sign of surrender, so the United States had to make a move fast. The atomic bomb was a good way to end the war because it saved over a million American lives and brought a quick end to the war. President Truman was faced with a tough decision when he was faced with the terrible consequences of war, but in the end, when we look back on it, he clearly made the right choice when he decided to drop the atomic bomb.

In order to understand Truman 's decision you have
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The atomic bomb was the perfect weapon to do that. President Truman like many other Americans found himself very angry with Japan with memories of Pearl Harbor, he viewed the Japanese as demons and beasts (Takaki 1). Truman said “I know that Japan is a terrible cruel and uncivilized nation in warfare we should act the same way”(Takaki 2). We knew the bomb would not only defeat Japan, but also bully the soviet union (Takaki 1). We wanted to be the first country to use nuclear weapons. Ending the war was huge for us because we were able to get back to dealing with our own problems. Truman 's main goal was to stop the killing. The bomb may have killed many Japanese, but more would have died if we would have invaded …show more content…
They believe this because the bomb killed a lot of civilians. The bomb did kill over 78,000 people instantly. Most people believed that Japan had already been beaten and the war would soon end(Takaki 7). The decision to use the atomic bomb was a decision that killed over 100,000 Japanese. These people are wrong because if we did not drop the bomb we would have had to invade Japan and would have lost over one million men and our enemy would have lost even more. In addition We had already lost over 400,000 men in the war we can 't afford to lose any more soldiers. At some point in war you have to come to the conclusion that we have already lost so many Americans on the battlefield, if we invade we are going to lose even more, let’s just end this thing right now. Germany had been making the nuclear bombs before us. Imagine if Hitler was the person that was in control of the bombs and how much killing that he would have done. Thats another critical reason that we had to be the first to bring the bomb into the war. Obviously, then one can see that Truman made the correct decision to drop the

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