Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Essay

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Truman Capote 's In Cold Blood was the first news story to be turned into a full length novel. With that, Capote set the standard for New Journalism, but misuses that freedom by swaying the novel towards his perspective. Capote travelled to Holcomb, Kansas to investigate the murder of the Clutter family with Harper Lee once hearing about the lack of depth in the original articles. He enhances the story with details from various interviews with the investigators, murders, and townspeople. However, many of the characters seemed to have been shaped for the story he was trying to tell, and many had more detail in their personalities and background than others. For example, Perry Smith, one of the murderers, was characterized in much more depth than the other murderer, Dick Hickock. Truman Capote show bias towards Perry Smith in In Cold Blood by portraying him through his actions despite his tragic past to create sympathy because of their similarity in both childhood and personality.
Truman Capote illustrates Perry’s lonely childhood that was similar to his own in In Cold Blood to in such great depth compared to the other characters that it creates a bias towards him. Perry did not have a happy or safe childhood. His family was very broken, for he was passed between his divorced parents and various shelters. Also, he was both neglected and abused by the people around him, especially his alcoholic mother who severely changed after the deaths of two of her children. Because he was…

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