Truman Capote 's Novel Of Cold Blood Essay examples

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Although the characters in Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood intended on the robbery, they were not intending on the rage that would take over them as they brutally murdered the Clutter family. Perry – one of the murders - felt socially unaccepted and he was counting on the money as his way of being better off. He loved singing and music and hoped his aspirations would get him somewhere so he would not have to commit crime any more. After months of planning, Dick and Perry finally arrive at the home only to find that the family is not rich. Enraged, Dick and Perry kill all of the people in the home. When Truman Capote heard of this crime, he wanted to get into the heads of the murderers to see exactly why they killed the Clutters (Clarke 324). Truman Capote discovered that robbery was the motive. In criticisms of the novel, the seemingly senseless crime is depicted as misguided, emotionally deprived citizens of society find a way to rationalize the slaughter of the Clutter family (Adams, par. 8). This very real event is depicted in a different way in Capote’s novel. Although Capote’s book is non-fiction, there are many places where controversy takes place. Truman Capote wrote a non-fiction novel; he called his style of writing “new journalism”. He added elements of fiction such as dialogue to a nonfiction story but make the general public believe that his novel is 100% true. Capote achieves this with the help of friend and fellow author, Harper Lee, by documentary…

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