Trip To The Center Of The Earth Essay

Register to read the introduction… Professor Hardwigg chooses a path hoping that it is the one to take them to the center of the earth and water. They soon find out they are in the wrong tunnel and turn around and find water and the way to the center of the earth. However, they soon encounter a whole other world just a few miles below the crust of the earth filled with unusual and extinct plants and animals. There is also a lake they must cross in order to make it to another island containing a cave leading to the center. Many problems arise when they are on their raft; they almost get attacked by serpents and get lost in a sea storm. The finally make it to the other side and find remains of former human life along with Arne Sakissemm's initials carved in a …show more content…
While he was examining the walls he somehow strayed away from his uncle and Hans. He was lost and wasn't sure if they past him or if they were behind him. He was terrified of the feeling of being alone and started panicking. His light burnt out and he was then stranded alone in the dark not knowing where to go. Hours later he heard his uncle's voice and they tried to find each other by sound. Harry became very weak, so weak he was unable to use his legs and fell to the ground. He didn't want to give up so he started dragging himself with his hands until he hit his head on a rock and was knocked unconscious. However, all ended well when his uncle found him and nursed him back to health.
A journey to the Center of the Earth is a classic because it has withstood the test of time. It is still read among people today even though it was written years ago. The book has had numerous amounts of commercial sales and has even been made into a movie. The author wrote a wonderful book appealing to everyone of all ages. It is also a first of its kind in fictional writing. It tells of a journey to the center of the earth which triggers everyone's imagination and

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