Trigger Warnings Relationships And Safe Spaces Essay

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Trigger Warnings in Relationships and Safe Spaces
Relationships are a necessary part of healthy living, but there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Whether it be a romantic relationship or an acquaintance, they have the potential to enhance lives and add enjoyment to experiences. In some cases, the relationships that people have might not necessarily be the healthiest. Sometimes, whether people realize it or not, these relationships might not be healthy or safe. This paper examines many signs and “trigger warnings” to be aware of in order to really understand if a relationship is healthy or not.
Regarding all types of relationships, whether it be a romantic one, an acquaintance, or even a relationship you have with a family member, a healthy relationship is when both people feel a strong sense of “self”. Each person in the relationship feels happy and loved when around each other. Two emotionally healthy people try and negotiate and be fair by meeting each other’s needs, while staying true to themselves. In a healthy relationship, it is a place where people are honest and open, where they can ask openly for help without fear of being criticized. A healthy relationship means that both people feel respected and loved even when problems arise.
In order to have a healthy relationship, you must set boundaries or limits. Make sure to inform your partner or acquaintance of your boundaries. Start fresh, clean and honest if you have a healthy relationship. If a…

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