Essay on Trifles, By Susan Glaspell

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“Freedom is not given, it is something we are born with. But there are some moments when it must be taken.” Those who are oppressed want to express; those who are trapped sought freedom.The human spirit rebels against dominance, propelling those affected into action. The short dramatic play, “Trifles,” by Susan Glaspell reflects on the oppression of women by a male dominated society during the late 1800’s. Susan Glaspell (1876 - 1948) was a Pulitzer prize-winning , actress, playwright, journalist and novelest. Most of her works are set in Iowa, where she was raised. “Trifles”(1916), her play is based on the murder trial she covered as a young reporter. It is also considered one of the great works in American theater as well as an important piece about womans right. This play is about a woman named Minnie Wright who is suspected to kill her husband. In the play “Trifles,” Susan Glaspell’s abundant use of symbolism throughout the play helps the audience to empathize with the women Minnie Wright. The three main symbols which played a huge role are the kitchen, the bird and its cage, and a rope. As the play opens, the crucial setting of messy kitchen which reveals that something terrible had happened in Mr Wright’s life. The kitchen is mostly considered as the “heart” of the home because it keeps the family bond strong and fills it with love all around. A half wiped table, unfinished bread, unwashed pots, and a dirty towel in the kitchen emphasized on Minnie Wright’s…

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