Essay on Trench Warfare And World War I

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Trench Warfare is a fighting tactic used during World War I on the Eastern and Western Front. Trenches are simply dug down, and each country would not let one another advanced. There was nothing great about trench life. World War I trenches had many problems including the overall hygiene, living conditions, and the constant enemy attacks. The Trenches were very dirty and smelly. It had many rodents, and animals that should not be in the trenches. Enemies would rush the trenches at any time of the day. The fighting style of trench warfare has been vowed never to be used again by all the countries and all the reasons make it easy to see why. First, how did they build over 25,000 miles of trenches (“The Great War”)? The British and French recruited over 140,000 Chinese labourers to help build trenches (“WWI Facts”). The trenches dig down about three meters deep, and they were one to two meters wide. There were three ways to dig trenches. the first way is to simply dig straight down. This was the quickest method, but digging straight down exposed the soldiers to the enemies. This technique was called entrenching. The next method was called sapping. This is when the soldiers would add on to the trench they were already occupying. This method was much safer than entrenching. The safest method was called tunneling. The soldiers would dig a tunnel, and when the soldiers completely finish the inside they would destroy the roof. This was the hardest and most time consuming method.…

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