Traumatic Experiences Change Lifestyles : Maus By Art Spiegelman

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Traumatic Experiences Change Lifestyles In the graphic novel, Maus by Art Spiegelman, his father Vladek is jew and is one of the few who survived from the Holocaust. Vladek’s experiences of being a jew and facing oppression throughout the Holocaust greatly affected him, he lost his first son and almost his entire family was killed or had gone missing. Now most of his friends, or people he associates with are also Holocaust survivors, including his second wife, Mala. Vladek also was married before Mala and Anja, the first wife had committed suicide from post traumatic stress and because adjusting back into a regular life was too difficult. Throughout the Holocaust, Vladek created survival skills and techniques to stay alive and hidden from the Natzi party. Such systems and manners that allowed Vladek and others to become survivors from the Holocaust. Since Vladek identifies as a Holocaust survivor, Vladek still acts as a survivor in his present life by living sustainably, being conservative of his resources, focusing on simple basic needs to survive and only supporting those who are family.
Vladek’s past experiences from the Holocaust still remain vivid in his memory, causing him to be so attached to being a survivor from the Holocaust that he will still let being a survivor define his identity. The entire graphic novel is based off Vladek’s memory of his own Holocaust and his personal story for Artie’s own graphic novel since Artie is a writer in the story. Vladek…

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