Traum The People With The Talents Essay

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Trauma Introduction The story of the three people with the talents is intriguing. What is it about the person with the one talent that they already knew that that the boss was a difficult person and they did not even want to try to invest their one talent that was given them? They did not even have the energy to take the talent to the bank (take the time to walk to the bank, have a conversation with the banker, make an agreement, deposit the money, and return home) so that it could make some money on an investment. This person was very stuck – to the point of hardly doing anything. It would appear that this person has been really traumatized. Psychology Trauma comes in many forms from the simple abuse to the more over whelming events that may lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (due to psychological, physical, sexual, mental, social, religious, or some other kind of abuse). Different people react to trauma in different way. What hurts one person may not hurt another person – this is even seen in siblings. The actions that got truncated during trauma that could not be finish in the moment drives us in how we function now in the present moment. This come from the flight, flight, or freeze types of response to trauma. If one could not fight in the moment of trauma and it has not been resolved – this can lead to aggression, (inward towards the self such as self harm like cutting or outward aggression towards others). If one was not able to flee (flight) –…

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