Essay on Translation : Calculating The Return On Your Investment

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Translation ROI: Calculating the Return on Your Investment

There are a number of reasons people have documents translated, and each translation requires a slightly different level of time and expertise. Time and expertise that you pay for. Take a moment to think about the reasons you are having your documents translated before you select a translation style and service.

What Goes Into a Translation

When it comes to translating a document, you need to consider many different skills sets and options. In a world where anyone can type words into Google translate and almost instantly receive a general translation into hundreds of different languages, we often lose sight of the specialized skills required to professionally translate documents.

The first step in translation is determining the purpose of the document. It is almost impossible to choose the correct translation service without knowing the purpose of the translation and the target audience...unless you are not concerned with the accuracy of the translation or the cost associated with perfection.

If you are translating a children 's book with simple vocabulary and basic sentence structure, it is likely that a machine translation will be able to accurately translate your work into hundreds of language pairs. You would only need a light post-edit to ensure nothing embarrassing slipped through during the translation process.

If that book is a technical manual for cardiologists, however, a simple machine…

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