Transitional Experience : A Hot Summer Day Essay

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Transitional Experience
On a hot summer day on May 25 2012. I was walking out of a JFK’s airport for a job interview that I had with Delta Airlines. It was a hot day. The warm breeze that hit my face was not enough to cool me down and make me stop dripping with sweat. Out of nowhere from a distance I heard an aircraft’s engine. I looked up and saw an Airbus 320 aircraft taking off. This event brought me back to when I was a five year old.
My journey had started on a hot summer month on august 7, 1995. The stranger or my dad’s friend had picked me up from my grandmother’s house on a chilly morning. I was hesitant to leave with this man because of his appearance. He was around his late thirties with jeans and a black hooded sweater. Once he took his hoody off. He seem mad with red eyes from recently waking up. He was light skinned with a beard and an earring on his left or right ear.
He came into the house in a hurry grabbing my suitcase from the room. After about ten minutes he grabbed me from my hand and started pulling me towards the exit of the house. About a few hours later I was in an airport with a stranger that was bringing me back to my parents. He had brought me to El Dorado airport in Bogota. I followed him to the check in counter we checked our bags and we headed to the security check point. People were rushed. Some were mad. Others were running to their gate as they were probably late for their flight.
We didn’t…

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