The Importance Of Transgenderism In Schools

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As a country, we have grown, being less narrow-minded and ignorant, to being more open-minded and accepting. Consequently, while this may be true, it might not apply to places where it should be the truest, for instance, schools. Why does the fear of the unknown lead to the oppression of certain individuals in today 's school system? Fear of the unknown leads to the oppression of certain individuals in today 's school system because not allowing Transgender Children and teens to be themselves in one of the few places they should be able to express their individuality, shows them they’re not accepted and may lead to suicide, or depression. Throughout this paper, addressing the issues of Transgenderism, cisgenderism, and sexism will be the focus.

Transgenderism deals with both men, women, and sexuality and how they 're all
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While transman have it bad, they still have a significant privilege over, transgender women who are specifically those who have it worse in schools. In the Article “Navigating Community Institutions: Black Transgender Women’s Experiences in Schools, the Criminal Justice System, and Churches” by Louis F. Graham states “Young transgender women, especially those of color, are negatively impacted by suicidality, HIV, residential instability, survival sex work, and other challenges”. All of this leads to transgender women feeling inadequate and unsafe in their own skin, and in school. In another article “Gender 101—Beyond the Binary: Gay-Straight Alliances and Gender Activism” by Jennifer E. Schindelit …show more content…

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