Essay about Transgender People Are Not Treated As Humans

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Transgender people are not treated as humans by many because “they literally fall outside of the only categories the court recognizes as human” (Johnson 155). This is a step backwards in society, as many of us “want increased equality and freedom”, and that it is not only the transgender population facing this, but “racialization and other processes of identity demarcation” (Kirkland 86) are under fire for not being with the majority of society. Because transgender identities are “constituents of social reaction” (Nuru 293) from both “relational partners and other social interactants” (Nuru 293), by being “victimized” (Nuru 282) and “surrounded by hate and ignorance” (Johnson 154), transgender people, as well as people from many visible minorities, are found to be constantly being neglected by society when they could, and should, be benefiting. The term transgender itself “is often used as an umbrella term” to identify individuals with “a gender that contradicts socially acceptable gender roles” (Nuru 282). This is not always exactly the case: sometimes, transgender individuals do not necessarily want to be accepted as a sex at the opposite end of the scale as their birth sex, but they want to be accepted as androgynous, for example. Grooming requirements by some employers enforce a law that “affirms employers ' rights to dress their employees in a gendered way” (Kirkland 99), which in turn provides them a loophole to fire transgender individuals for not conforming with…

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