Transformative Asset Essay Examples

What are transformative assets? Define and give two examples. How do transformative assets contribute to racial disparities in wealth?

A transformative asset is when an advantage or disadvantage is passed on from one generation to the next. These can really help “transform” your life by giving you opportunities that other people do not get. Some examples of transformative assets could be your parents paying for your college education or it could be a large inheritance from your grandparents.
Transformative assets can contribute to racial disparities in wealth in many ways. They could impact your house, the community you live in, and where your kids go to school. If you are forced to live in a poorer neighborhood, then there is a good chance
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34% of whites think we have achieved racial equality and only 6% of blacks think that. “Old-fashioned” racism is different because everybody knew that the blacks and whites were not equal. Laissez-faire racism is more problematic because it will be a lot harder to actually achieve racial equality if many whites think we already have it. There are many people in our country that think they never racially discriminate against people of a different race, but they actually do quite …show more content…
This is an issue because there is always another side to every story, but most people just believe what they see on social media or TV. The media gets to decide what they want to tell the public, which is the major issue. They have the ability to only tell negative stories about a certain race, which causes people to look down on them. This perpetuates racism, creates “otherness” and reinforces racial differences.
One popular campaign happening right now is the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement is causing controversy because many people think it should be “All Lives Matter”. In addition, this movement is also causing many deaths from all of the riots happening. Although the movement started out with good intentions, it seems to be a war between the Black Lives Matter group and the police. The media covers this issue a lot, but they are never saying good things about it. It seems like they only cover the riots and the deaths instead of focusing on a more positive

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