Roman Civilization: The Strongest Empires Known To Man

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When looking back on Roman civilization and how it developed from a small village into becoming one of the strongest empires known to man, is truly remarkable. The Roman techniques have been passed down for generations and still used as foundations to build on for current generations and worldwide. The Romans brilliant ideas not only were building blocks for future generation but help transformed a small village into one of the most powerful empires of their time. To sum it all up the Romans were resourceful, innovative and intelligent. During their transformation time period the Romans built roads throughout their cities, water systems and produced concrete to build infrastructure for buildings that were strong and ever lasting.

We can learn a lot from the Romans from how they established from being nothing to becoming powerful empires. The Roman civilization began
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The Romans main focus was to improve the quality of life and provide efficient public services to the Roman people. One major focus was supplying fresh water to the people of Rome. It was very hard for them to establish water around the whole city. The Romans solved this problem by coming up with a system of aqueducts that would help carry water to their city from areas many miles away. “Most people went to the public fountains (into which the aqueducts flowed) to obtain their water. A privileged few were authorized to tap the aqueducts and set up a system of pipes which would bring water right into their homes”(Shelton 66). This showed the Romans were quite clever and that they understood the whole city needed clean water. It was very crucial for the Romans to keep the aqueducts maintained. The first aqueducts were built underground for a couple of reasons. One is to keep them hidden away from enemy troops and two was to get an additional level of protection from any pollution and erosion that might

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