Analysis Of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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The Metamorphosis, a short story by Franz Kafka, tells the story of a traveling salesman named Gregor who goes through a dramatic transformation throughout the course of the night. The story begins shortly after Gregor wakes and notices he is no longer himself but rather an insect. Gregor is the breadwinner of the house and no one else is working so they depended on him. His family is in debt and owes a company some money. Once everyone realizes he is a bug his mother passes out and the manager runs out of the house. The father gets upset and chases Gregor around the house while trying to beat him with a newspaper and hissing at him. Eventually, everyone was still upset and down. They never truly accepted Gregor back into the family for …show more content…
He also loves climbing on the walls which make his family feel uncomfortable. Therefore they started to treat him differently. His family got annoyed because of the mess he is starting to make and how repulsive he is starting to look. Gregor dies, and everyone around the house has to get a job. The Metamorphosis shows how even though Gregor’s external appearance transforms into a bug, it is his family who transforms internally.

According Hung Ruyu, author of “Caring About Strangers: A Lingisian reading of Kafka’s Metamorphosis,” an educational philosopher stated, “Gregor, turning from a normal human being into an insect, becomes a stranger, and his family members maintain their status of human being as non-strangers, and his family moves from shock, outrage, and grief, through emotional and financial adjusted and a growing recognition of the burden Gregor represents, towards anger and betrayal of them, disgust with his condition, and finally, complete neglect of him” (Rowe 264) .Gregor’s father was a very easy-going and laid back person. He spoke to Gregor calmly through the door and tried to get him out the room by the saying the Deputy
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Once Gregor find a way to open the door after seeing him his mother pass out to her surprise that her son is an insect.The mother in the beginning of the story was caring and supportive.In the storyshe states, “it’s a quarter to seven.weren 't you going on a trip?”(Kafka 114). This statement shows how caring, and worried that he was going to be late and miss the train. His mother was the last to give up on Gregor according to Charles Silet stated that “His mother argues with her about leaving the room alone, hoping that he will recover from his illness, but his father has lost hope and insists that he will never recover” ( Silet 266). When all hope dies in the family his mother is the only one that still have faith in Gregor. Gregor’s mother has to get a job and that just drives her crazy, because she is not used to it working. She finally got on the same page as the other family members has in the book. Gregor’s mother and his other family member treated him terrible, and took everything away from him. She transformed because at first she was caring and loving person.Since Gregor is an insect and can 't contribute to the family it is like she doesn 't even know him anymore as an

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