Transatlantic Slave Trade History

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Slavery around the world has been in play for centuries. I believe slavery goes as far back after Joseph, when he was sold into slavery in Egypt. Some slave owners were as harsh like unto Egyptian but here in the U.S. many slaves were committing suicide to get away from their cruel master. The ships sailing on The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade brought millions of African slaves. After 1808 trafficking human merchandise was no longer permitted which opened up mixed cases. African being sold and brought to The United States were committing suicide on the ship before they even landed. Captains of these ships had to put nets around them to catch the slaves, before going into the water. It was said that a tribe called the Igbo thought they could …show more content…
Between the sixteenth and nineteenth century about ten and twelve million Africans were being enslaved and sent to the United States. History will remember this tragedy has the largest force human movement of a people. There were lots debate at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 but it took The United States twenty-one years to finally agree that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade needed to stop it’s human trafficking. The court case, U.S. versus Schooner tells stories of illegal trade of slaves. The captain of the ship was convicted and his cargo was sold. There were 15 slaves on that ship, and they were still sold.
For centuries slavery has dominated the world but for a few hundreds years many lives have been taken including a tribe called the Igbo who just wanted to go home and be free. The trans-Atlantic slave trade brought millions over and we’re sold into slavery like a stock of cattle. When the United States finally change the law forbidding the transportation of human trafficking it didn’t make a difference in the case of U.S. versus Schooner there was still fifteen Africa’s sold. Like the world around them the United States has no regards for human life for if they did they would not of been slavery in this great

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