Trail Of Tears Vs Holocaust

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The Holocaust is the most famous genocide of all time, but what happened during the Trail of Tears is no laughing matter. The genocide lasted for over 60 years taking Native Americans from their home to Oklahoma and across the Western United States putting them into reservations and putting the settlers in their place on their own native land. Also, the Nazi regime did some of the same things to the Jews of WWII, killing them and putting them into concentration camps, although more extreme they could both be considered a genocide. Although there are some similarities between the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears, there are also several differences. Although they happened thousands of miles away and almost 40 years apart, the Holocaust …show more content…
In the Holocaust the Jews had many rights stripped away from them. For example, they lost their basic rights with the Nuremberg Laws of 1934. They also lost their homes that they had for generations, as they were moved into ghettos and concentration camps. The main thing that they loss was their life, in many cases, whenever these Jews were moved into ghettos and such, they would often be starved, or be gassed in gas chambers. As this relates to the Trail of Tears, as the Native Americans were forced to walk somewhere between 800 and 1,000 miles on foot without rest, and if they stopped, they were killed. Another thing that the Native Americans lost was their homes, as they were moved into concentration camps and reservations, where a lot of Native Americans still live today. Another question is how the Nazis and the U.S. Government did all of this horrible acts to these innocent people. In the Holocaust they could not marry, they lost their businesses, and they could not move away from this hell. They were forced onto trains or forced to march their way to the concentration camps on foot, and their homes were looted from thieves and the Government and they were eventually almost always killed. Or the quicker way to do things, they would be loaded into a …show more content…
They both were brutalized and their freedoms were stripped away from them. But, the way they were dehumanized and who was doing it was the main difference. There is no beauty in suffering in annihilation and there is no beauty in

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