Track Daily Operations And Overall Organizational Performance

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1. How do you use data and information to track daily operations and overall organizational performance? The data are obtained through multiple sources to include Web RMS which is an incident and operations reporting system along with the Daily Operations Report (DOR), DMC incident reports and SITREPS. Each are used to track ongoing operations and daily activities. As noted in a previous question, daily performance is tracked using the DMC blotter and strength report. Organizational performance tracking is accomplished through the Enterprise Information System (EIS) that tracks operation shields, Facility Security Committee (FSC) meetings, covert testing and outside LE interaction.

2. How do you select and effectively use comparative data and information? The selection of data should be based on its pertinence to the information requested. In regards to daily performance, I will use the data collected from readily available resources such as the daily operations report, EIS and the DMC blotter and strength report. This data will provide the current status of the district and will also allow me to track progress in other districts for contrast and comparative purposes. A majority of the data that I utilize is selected based on operational demands and performance.

3. How do you use voice-of-the-customer and market data and information? My agency has used the voice of the customer surveys in the past to obtain informative feedback regarding LE responses to incidents…

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