Town of Eden Bay Essay

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INFO1409 Systems Analysis & Design

Tutorial 4.1: SWOT analysis

Strategic planning is the process of identifying long-term organisational goals.

Question: Why does a systems analyst need to know about strategic planning?
Answer: Systems analysts should focus on the larger, strategic role of IT as they carry out their day-to-day responsibilities. Sometimes changes are planned for the Organisation, and decisions have to be made as to what the possible outcomes will be. One excellent planning tool is the SWOT analysis.

Tutorial Objectives:

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce students to: • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats).

By the end of this tutorial you will:
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I plan to bring it up at the next council meeting.

Martin I hear a lot of criticism about the maintenance budget, but I’m (equipment doing the best I can. We operate from one budget year to the next, department without a long-term plan. I belong to a professional association of manager) fleet maintenance managers, and I know that we should be developing a strategic plan instead of juggling annual budget figures.

I’d like to build this department into a 1st class organisation. Our people are great, but they could use more technical training. Our shop and equipment are generally adequate for what we do, but we haven’t kept up with some of the newer diagnostic equipment. We have a real problem in record keeping. Instead of a short-term solution, Eden Bay should have developed a maintenance information system years ago. Prior to taking this position, I was assistant maintenance manager in a medium-sized city, and they had developed a system that handled scheduling and cost analysis, in addition to day-to-day maintenance operations.

Phil I’m in the middle – I get pressure from above to cut costs, and I get (maintenance complaints from below that management doesn’t know what it’s supervisor) doing. One thing for sure – short-term solutions are not the answer. I hope they don’t ask me to cut back on preventive maintenance. The last time we did

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