Essay Tourism Unrest

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Political Unrest & its Impact on the Tourism Sector in Turkey

By: Yasemin K

Napoleon Bonaparte was once quoted as saying “if the earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Istanbul, and Turkey as a nation in general has long been regarded as a vibrant and culturally rich nation, straddling two continents as well as being home to several ethnic groups and regions. This could be possibly why, in recent decades Istanbul has turned into a touristic melting pot welcoming millions of tourists yearly from all over the globe. With it’s vastly diverse offerings the historic nation attracts both leisure and business tourists for a multitude of purposes. In recent periods however, political turmoil has been inflicted due to
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The news article quotes the President of the Touristic Hotel’s and Investors Association (TUROB) as saying that “technology is an indispensable part of tourism and tourists and people who visit cities expect those places to be online”(Social Media Ban, 2014). He goes on to say that the social media ban by preventing the people’s right of access to information has put the country in a desperate situation and underlines the fact that certain countries (such as Italy) have already released warnings to citizens about the recent restrictions and to be cautious before traveling/planning their trips to Turkey. The president of TUROB goes on to stress that the banning of social media by the government has already “ignited a campaign in social media harming Turkey’s appeal as an attractive center for tourism”(Social Media Ban, 2014).
Additionally, regarding the recent Twitter Ban, the president of the Professional Hotel Manager’s Association Ali Kizildag states “when observed from abroad, a country where anti-democratic acts take place is not an attractive place for tourists”(Social Media Ban, 2014). He expresses that tourists are not captivated to visit countries that hold restrictions and bans, especially when regarding the European tourism sector who are much more sensitive on such restrictions. The country has taken a destructive turn, being compared

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