Tough Love Analysis

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Tough Love
Tough Love is a documentary that shows two families fighting for custody for their own children. Patrick was a drug addict who tried to very hard to stop using along with his wife at the time, but unfortunately he was taken to jail, while his daughter was left with his wife, which Patrick had great concern about. He then called child services, because he could not help his daughter from behind bars, and the best solution was to remove that littler girl before she got hurt from the drug addict mother. Patrick has been fighting hard for the custody of his little girl. He went from one addiction to the next and the battle for his daughter became difficult, because his every move was being watched as well as what he would say. The people who were reviewing Patrick’s case were really tough on him, in my opinion. He said to another person that he felt like he could not be a good dad or provide for his daughter. Yet he is doing all the right things going to meeting, he quite drugs, and drinking, just the words that he said was a set back for him. The people who determined whether or not he is a suitable parent took his words
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Although she was only being neglected, she was in fact being exposed to a life of drugs, and perhaps if her mother got violet one time while using drugs this could have been lead to child abuse. SO I do understand the process was rigorous with Patrick since he himself used drugs too. But in Hannah’s case, I felt that they could have gone another route. She was young, people learn from their mistakes. She has a newborn and she is taking good care of that little baby. So why place the children under the care of the father whom at one point in their life was being violent toward Hannah when they were younger? Perhaps they should have removed the children out of her custody, but to wait such a long time is kind of uncalled

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