Total Knee Replacement Essay

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Managing Mobility After a Total Knee Replacement
November 15, 2011

INTRODUCTION In Kindred Rehabilitation, the patient had a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes degenerative changes, within the joints causing bone stiffening and reactive inflammation. My patient was admitted on 10/21/11 with osteoarthritis and a left total knee replacement. Her PT and INR were a concern because she had developed mild thrombocytopenia which resulted in the elevation and potential bleeding. The physician had to take her off of Lovenox and switch her to an oral anti-coagulant Xarelto at 10mg once daily. During her care I was educated by the interdisciplinary teams managing mobility, safety, and the more
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After this specific surgery the author states that active movement begins the first postoperative day by aid of assistive devices. She also stresses the importance of checking for sign and symptoms of pulmonary embolisms such as calf pain and swelling and shortness of breath. The author ends with: discharge education, and the importance of taking prescribed medication, blood tests, and follow up with surgeon. She emphasizes safety such as: sturdy shoes, handrails and assistive devices and the importance of continuing rehabilitation. Wong et al (2011) states that, since an improvement in design and materials used in total knee replacement there has been longevity in the implants. This group of authors focus on the new materials used that by making these modifications a patient can have a shorter recovery and decreased wear on the materials use so there are no complications and their knee is not compromised. The agenda is clear that the use of the more modern designs can allow the patient more flexion and a quicker recovery. The authors are trying to prove, that the older materials do wear and have caused problems with safety. They stress the importance of minimal tissue disruption in these procedures and the longevity of and implant which is very important since ambulation and safety is crucial. Su et al (2009) performed a study on a variety of people that had a total knee replacement. The authors focus was providing care

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