Topshop Organizational Structure Essay

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Topshop was founded in 1964 in Sheffield within the ladies fashion store chain Peter Robinson Ltd. The first official stand alone store was opened in 1974, followed by Topman being introduced in 1978 exclusively for male customers. Topshop has over 300 stores in the UK and over 100 stores internationally and has a flagship store in both London andn New York. It is part of the Arcadia Group which also owns Dorothy Perkins, Burton and Miss Selfridge.
The Topshop store which will be focused on for this report will be Glasgow Buchanan Street Store and I will evaluate the organisation and management of the store.

Open Systems Approach
System approaches are based on the idea that an
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Formal and Informal Structures
The difference between formal and informal structures is a feature of the degree to which they are structured.
The formal organisation is deliberately planned and created and concerned with the co-ordination of activities. It is hierarchically structured with stated objectives and based on certain principles such as specification of tasks, and defined relationships of authority and responsibility. It is the relationships between the employees and the organisational structure[->0] created by the company which is shown on the organisation chart[->1]. This includes rules and regulations, policy manuals, standing orders and job descriptions.
Within the formal structure, an informal organisation will always be present. The informal organisation arises from the interaction of people working in the organisation, their psychological and social needs, and the development of groups with their own relationships and norms of behaviour, irrespective of those defined within the formal structure. The informal organisation is flexible and loosely structured. Relationships however may be left undefined and membership is spontaneous and with varying degrees of involvement.
For sales assistants, the following advantages and disadvantages for them based on each structure at Topshop are:

Advantages of a formal organisation are that goals set are clearly defined, its suitable for all type of businesses, tasks done in time and objectives

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