Topshop Company Profile Essay examples

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Topshop is a one-stop shop for fashion conscious women. It is an innovative, British brand offering a wide product range, that is trend driven at an affordable price. With a target audience of women aged 15 to 30, particularly focusing on students, offering a 10% discount to all students who shop at Topshop.

Topshop are known for their fast fashion, selling trend based pieces at an affordable price, capitalizing on being British and selling the ideology of the British it girl who is unique, stylish and out there. Selling clothing, footwear, jewelry, bags, accessories and make up all under one roof they are seen as more of a lifestyle brand that just a fashion retailer.

Topshop’s mission statement sums this up soundly
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Their flagship store in New York cost them 20 million dollars and includes floor to ceiling windows, sequined mannequins and a DJ booth suspended from the roof. Their focus on being British is also seen through their store layout using British decorative icons such as bicycles, pigeons and Union Jack flags.

Visitors to Topshop stores will spend on average 44 minutes in store, which is huge and increases the likelihood of them to buy something.

Topshop’s strategic direction is driven by innovation; their innovation particularly online has been incredibly successful and has resulted in a large following on their social media sites, with over 3.3 million fans on Facebook and over 1.7 million on their Google+ page.

Their Google+ campaign was the first of its kind, offering a view from the models of London Fashion Week, particularly the Topshop show. Customers were able to pick their favourite model and follow what she did during the Topshop catwalk, as well as be a buyer and choose which pieces from the show they would buy for their store, what it would go with, what colour is would come in etc. This

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