Tooth Crushing Essay

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Aim: purpose of the study was to assess knowledge, Attitude, practice on brushing practices among transgenders residing in Chennai city.

Background: Tooth brushing is the acts of scrubbing teeth with toothbrush equipped with toothpaste for effectively remove the plaque and calculus (Tartar). There are many techniques to clean the teeth and Gingiva (Gums). In order to improve breath and to keep the mouth clean it is advisable to brush twice daily, gentle flossing between the teeth along with proper cleaning of the tongue and gingival massage. Proper home care brushing practices, regular visits to dentist and routine dental check-ups will reduce the risk of having gingival and periodontal diseases. Various studies on oral hygiene suggest
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It has been suggested that mechanical and chemical plaque control measures are efficacious in prevention of occurrence of gingivitis and caries through reduction of plaque. The most efficient method in mechanical plaque control is tooth brushing those results in significant decrease in plaque.[3] The tooth brushing methods most emphasized are horizontal scrub, Fones, Leonard, Stillman, Charters, Bass, rolling stroke (press roll), and Smith-Bell. All of these techniques are applicable to the cleaning of the facial, lingual, and to some extent to occlusal surfaces; all are relatively ineffective in cleaning interproximal areas; and only the Bass technique is effective in cleaning the sulcus.[4-6] Tooth brushing alone will not remove plaque from all surfaces of the tooth as 40% of the surfaces are interdental.[7] One technique that can be used to access these areas is dental floss. The American Dental Association (ADA) reported that, flossing can effectively remove plaque and food debris up to 80% between the teeth and below the gums, only when the proper technique is

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