Tool Control Essay

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So, it’s about 1700 and my flight has just landed and everything went pretty well. We are closing up the bird and getting ready to go home. The helicopter is all tied up and wiped down and everything is start to look good. Then some last minute maintenance comes up and the VELOs need to be tightened an blade pins need to be safety wired. Shortly thereafter, about 2 hours because I’m a retard and safety wired the VELOs instead of tightening them, but that’s another story. We finish the job I come in to sign off the MAFs and BAM! I set my cranial down on the floor or desk I don’t recall and I didn’t see it again until the next morning about 70ft above the hangar floor. Now I know the importance of the tool control program I am about to, in …show more content…
The order the numbers etched on each tool goes like this: First number is the organization code, the second number is a work center code and the third number is the Tool Container number. When the work center is authorized more than one of a certain type of tool container (ie: Pre Flight Kits) the number will be extended to identify the container. The tools that are too small to etch are kept in a special container with a special label affixed to it saying “CONTAINS TOOLS TOO SMALL TO MARK”. Tool issue is not an issue taken lightly because accountability of all tools is absolutely necessary to ensure none are lost. Special and common tools alike fall under this rule that all tools are accounted for. Even things as small as goggles and sound suppressors to things as big as Ladders and Hydraulic Servicing Units need tool tags from specific boxes to be checked out. Hand tools and common tools fall into two groups. They have the Eighty percent (80%) group which consists of tools required to complete eighty percent of the maintenance tasks. These tools are found in the checkout boxes for the shop. They also have the 20 percent (20%) group which is consist of tools not so commonly used inside a box in the shop. These tools can only be checked out individually and a tool tag is required for each individual tool. Another reason why the tool control program in the Marine Corps is so successful is because of the thorough methods

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