Tool Control Essay

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Keith Hundley
Wednesday, 8 July 2013
5000 word essay on the importance of tool control and attention to detail

Growing up my Father always loved to have my sister and I participate in home improvement projects. While we were less than joyous to help, we always ended up learning something whether it was a new skill or technique to develop our work ethic, we were always hands-on. My father’s favorite thing to say at the completion of a successful project was, and probably still is, “the job isn’t done until everything is put away”.
Saturdays were not for biking with friends or going to the movies with girls, for years during my childhood these afternoons were reserved for building hand-crafted cedar chests or fixing boat
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Tool inspection implies that each tool is thoroughly examined before and after use to ensure that they are in working order and not missing any parts. If this important step is missed, a tool, or piece of a tool can get lost and end up in a very dangerous place. Or worse, the tool could be broken and without proper inspection before use, the tool is brought along and when needed the most, does not work. Taking tool inventory, before and after each task is the safety net for missing tool reporting. When items are misplaced they become a hazard and pose a safety risk. In the aviation industry, the causes of lost tools can span the entire range of mishaps that are associated with the weaknesses of the human condition, but many accidental losses are caused by weak tool check procedures, inadequate supervision, the fact that there are many places to lose tools in aircraft and also many tools used in the aviation industry are small and hard to see. Sometimes we only have our forgetful minds to blame, but in the end we will not be the only ones to suffer so it is important that flight crew as a whole takes responsibility for tool control and accountability.
Therefore, when tools are monitored constantly, identified accurately and inspected thoroughly, (both before and after use) serious

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