Tonight I Witnessed a Murder Essay

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Tonight I witnessed a murder.

Troy Davis, that name sounded familiar but not special to me,
I was fine with not knowing till I saw the link in that retweet,
It said “you still don’t know who Troy Davis is?” click here,
I sat in my office with barely a signal as I read with no tears,
But why tho… a text interrupted my my reading,
I responded back and carried on the convo but still my ears were ringing,
I gotta get back to that article, who is this man to have 4 pages in print,
I know I’m at work but I’m only shaving 15, 038 cents,
The words enveloped my awareness so on I read,
WTF, you mean at 7 THIS NIGHT this man will be dead,
Less evidence than the Anthony case yet execution is 4th time planned,
When did Fox cover this
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its not
Cause when I lay my head as he laid his head I still had another shot
Another chance at life to give, be, and do my ALL
As he lay, no text came, no phone rang as he waited for a Supreme to call
Not Clarence Thomas, Not my dear Barack
Not Rev. Al or Big Boi voice towards this injustice could stop
Not a picture of White vs Black or any other attribute you can concoct
The method to the madness is that we don’t understand what we’ve got
The human kind is something to be treasured for intentions good
Yet we are known through out space and time for being misunderstood
So let there be one thing we shall never have again doubt
And I for one am willing to stand on the Willis Tower and shout
At the un-carved incomplete feet of Blessed Martin
To the eyes of Justice bound with that unrevealing curtain
I witnessed a murder…

Tonight I witnessed the murder of the Silence that used to live in me…. #DoSomething

Rest In Peace Mr. Troy Davis “Awareness” –Micah J.

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