Tommy Markham Case Study

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Mrs. Jackson has a middle-aged son by the name of Tommy Markham whom also has his own health issues. Tommy Markham suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed at the age of forty-eight. Many would consider Tommy’s age fairly young, but the things he is composing in his body is making his body age. To give you some background information about this gentleman, he was a heavy smoker and drinker and suffered from high blood pressure. Tommy was prescribed high blood pressure medication but decided to stop taking his medication due to erectile dysfunction. In addition, Tommy still consumes fried food, has a poor diet, does not exercise, and still smokes. As far as him drinking alcohol, apparently, he has slowed down from drinking. Tommy has been to many doctor visits and has had in-depth conversations about his health. Dr. Jones met with Tommy in regard to his health and asked him things that he eats or changes that he has made to have better health. Tommy admits to unhealthy eating and smoking. To consider, Tommy made a statement that he can change. However, Tommy continued to do things that were not good for his health such as smoking, using too much salt and eating too many eggs. Dr. Jones gave advice as well as suggestions for …show more content…
Jackson could have possibly benefited from more therapy at home, but the home health agency itself had to consider that it is a high possibility that Medicare might not pay for those services. The reason being is that they saw it as the chances for Mrs. Jackson improvement as slim to none. If they would have provided Mrs. Jackson with the home health services and Medicare did not cover it, they would have been out thousands to cover it. Sadly, Medicare was refusing to pay home-health bills for many due to the services not being medically necessary, sometimes too frequent, or even as simple as exceeding the medical treatment plans. For these reasons, this is why Mrs. Jackson’s home care was so

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