Toilet Repair: Plumber Cattle Island

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Toilet Repair | Plumber Staten Island
If your toilet frequently clogs, runs on its own, experiences poor flushing, is loose or if you need any type of toilet repair or replacement, a Platinum Plumbing plumber in Staten Island can resolve your toilet problems with prompt, effective service.
Clogged Toilets
When plunging fails to clear a clogged toilet it is time to call a licensed plumber in Staten Island. Frequent clogs may be a sign of a problem in the sewer pipe. Platinum Plumbing plumbers are experts in diagnosing the cause of a clogged toilet, and in resolving the problem.
A Cracked Toilet
Porcelain toilets can develop cracks. Inspect the toilet for cracks when you clean it to prevent damage to the home from a leaking toilet. A cracked

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