Tobacco Companies Should Be Responsible For The Smoking Essay

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Unarguably, smoking exacerbates various ailments in the human body. It, notably, increases the susceptibility of developing carcinomas, emphysema, pneumonia, and stroke. It is also relevant to mention that tobacco companies have substantially elevated profit rates. The habit of smoking is extensive among individuals of all ages and races. Tobacco contains nicotine that leads smokers to addiction. Undeniably, numerous ethical arguments revolve around the corporate responsibility of tobacco companies. A critical analysis of the ethicality of the commercial trade of tobacco products elicits that tobacco companies should be responsible for the smoking fatalities and demerits. Indeed, there are various proposing and opposing arguments regarding this whole theme. Many individuals feel that individuals have their responsibility to choose and determine their own habits. Nevertheless, it is crucial to mention that smoking is an addictive habit. Many cigarette smokers need rehabilitation services to quit their nicotine dependence. Alternatively, smoking companies, often, tend to understate the ill effects of smoking. This will emphasize the fact that tobacco companies should have corporate responsibility.
As elaborated earlier, tobacco companies do not appropriately warn individuals about the smoking demerits. According to medical knowledge, smoking is a significant risk factor that causes many illnesses. This statement creates an emphasis on tobacco’s hazardous nature. It contains…

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