Pros And Cons Of Smoking Cigarettes

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Kicking the habit for good
An estimated “42.1 million people in the United States smoke cigarettes;” of those 42.1 million people, “more than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Smokers are paying money every day to basically shorten their life span. The nasty habit may help cope with stress, but is it really worth it in the end? The hassle with medical issues, cost for test and appointments can be preventable. If research proves that cigarettes kill, so why is this deadly product still on the market? I strongly believe cigarettes should be banned because they are not only harmful to the environment, their smoke harms others in their presence, and the long-term effects of smoking could be deadly for the smoker.
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The little cigarette butts that are found on the street, at the beach, and any other public place are the most littered item in America. Cigarette butts actually are not biodegradable. Filters that are used in cigarettes have been perceived to make smoking “safer”, but smokers do not know how toxic these butts are. And they are just causally being thrown on the ground. These filters contain cellulose acetate, a plastic that cannot break down. They seem like just a small piece of trash, but they are very hazardous to the environment (Cigarette Butt Waste). According to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Right, “It is estimated that 1.69 billion pounds of butts wind up as toxic trash each year.”(Cigarette Butt Waste) These butts end up in the ocean, rivers, and then wildlife are effected by the

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