Essay on To What Extent Was World War Ii Hitler`S War?

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To what extent was World War II Hitler`s war?

The second World War can be considered “Hitler`s war” due to Adolf Hitlers responsibility and actions that caused the war. He had an enormous impact and role on many events such as secretly increasing the size fo the army,which made World War 2 possible. On the other hand, the failure of the League of Nations and defects in the Treaty of Versailles also triggered the outbreak of the war. It gave Hitler many oppurtunities to support his ambitions and policies. Hitlers Plan that could only be followed through with the help of mistakes such as the appeasement. It can also be argued that it was rather Germany than Hitler`s war as their reaction to World War 1.Many factors affected the outbreak
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These failures include the appeasement, league of nations, and the Treaty of Versailles, which due to their defects and failures supported Hitler. As these fails were unplanned, Hitler couldnt of planned by encountering these in the long-term. These though encouraged him to actions he took. The appeasement was to solve territorial gievances, economic problems and absence of raw materials which Chamberlain wanted to solve with territorial concessions, economic credits and colonial concessions. It was created so Britain could rearm and therefore save them time, and also as Germany was treated badly in the Treaty of Versailles and therefore the appeasement would prevent another war. This failed as Hitler was not interested in peace. He ignored Britain and the appeasement, to invade Czechoslovakia. Britain underestimated Germany and sent a wrong vibe towards Naziism and Hitler, which was a ultimate cause for the outbreak of war. The league of Nations also had no countries joined, no power and very biased, which made many powerful countries withdraw from it and to also ignore it. As these Policies all failed it made it very easy and reasonable for Hitler to start a war. Therefore it can be considered that it wasnt Hitler`s fault as he couldnt of planned these acts and that because they happened there was no way out of war as Germany wanted more power.

Another point of view is, that due to the loss and bad treatment during and after World War

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