To What Extent Does Ethnicity Affect Educational Attainment? Essay examples

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To what extent does ethnicity affect educational attainment?
This essay will be discussing the correlation between ethnicity and educational attainment. Whether your race affects your life chances or if other factors are involved as well. It will be looking at different ethnic minorities and how well they are doing in school.
Although most schools are seen as multicultural, you can see clear differences between ethnic minorities. Statistics show that clearly some ethnicities are doing poorer than others. At the moment Black Caribbean boys are achieving the least amount of GCSE A*-C grades whereas more than 50% of Chinese girls are achieving the most GCSE’s. There are many factors as to why some ethnicities do better than others.
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However research in primary and secondary education has shown a high number of white teachers having conflict with African and Caribbean pupils. As this happens, Black boys may not try as hard as they would think that there isn’t any point in learning if teachers are going to be ‘racist’. This means that all the African and Caribbean boys will produce an anti school sub culture where there is a set of values, attitudes and behavior in opposition to the main aims of school. If pupils aren’t bothered with education due to the actions of teachers this may mean that they can aim high but it would be hard to achieve their goals without the encouragement of teachers.
Although inside school factors affect attainment, outside school factors can have just as much of an affect. Young people from ethnic backgrounds often face disadvantages in social conditions such as- poor housing, overcrowding and living with unemployed family members. If a child’s parent is unemployed, it will possibly mean that they are less likely to have any interest in their child’s school attainment. Also living with people who are unemployed indicates that the family would rarely have any extra money to spend on school equipment and textbooks. This is called material deprivation. Lack of school material and learning sources at home can prevent a child to reach his/hers full potential.
Ethnic minorities have very different cultures and backgrounds.

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