To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 9-21 Analysis

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In chapter 20, Mr. Raymond asks the kids not to give away his secret, which was that he pretends to drink all the time because it gives other people an excuse when he does things they don’t like. Scout feels that how he acts isn’t right, Mr. Raymond says that other people will never realize that he lives the way he lives because he is happy that way. Scout asks why he’s told them his secret and he says it’s because they are kids and they know better than their elders. They go back to the courtroom where Jem fills her in on what had happened. Jem said that Atticus has just gone over the evidence and there is no way they can lose. Atticus is shown taking off his coat and untucking his clothes in the courtroom and it shocks the kids. He tries …show more content…
Ewell spitted in Atticus’s face and threatened him. When Atticus comes home, he doesn’t tell much about the attack. Scout thinks that Atticus should carry a gun, but that idea is shot down. The kids are scared that Mr. Ewell will truly come after him, but Atticus reassures them that everything is going to be alright. Tom is now in the Enfield Prison Farm, a prison seventy miles away from his family. Scout asks questions about what happens to Tom if he loses his appeal. Atticus says that Tom will die unless the governor allows him to live. Jem feels that it isn’t fair for Tom to get a death penalty, but Atticus says that no Southern jury would charge an African-American man on a rape charge and give him anything less than death. The two go on to argue about this for a while. Later on, Scout decides to be friends with Walter Cunningham when school starts up again. Alexandra announces that Scout and Walter can never meet because the Cunningham’s are one level below the Finches and that they are trash. Right when Scout begins to go off on Alexandra, Jem takes her out the room and gives her a Tootsie Roll® to calm her down. While Scout is calming down, Jem tries to show off his chest hair, which is nowhere to be seen. Jem tells Scout that she shouldn’t let Aunt Alexandra annoy her and asks Scout if she can bond with Alexandra on anything. Scout says that she doesn’t want to bond with her and that she got mad because Alexandra called Walter trash. Jem tries to explain his theory about the hierarchy in the community, but then again Scout doesn’t buy it. Scout believes that people are people and there is nothing else to it. Jem admits that he used to think like that, however he realized that if that was true, everyone could get along. To finish, Jem realizes why Boo Radley never comes out; Boo Radley wants to stay away from the way that people act towards each

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