Tj Mcchaul Artist Statement Analysis

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TJ McPhaul’s Artist Statement
When I started to get into photography I always took an interest in nature and all the different aspects that come from nature photography. I remember watching videos of time-lapse photography of amazing landscapes with the motion of stars, clouds, and other things in the background. I was amazed with this technique, and loved all the motion that was captured through the many photos taken. I knew with our class we had to incorporate nature into our artwork is some way, and I didn’t think about making a time-lapse as my final project until I came across an article in PetaPixel with the title “Five People Doing Time-Lapse Photography Right”. This article was very interesting to be because in opened me up
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My camera was unable to take time-lapse without an interval meter attachment, so needed to get this key component in order to shoot my photos. I also needed to get a tripod to help with constant stable photographs. I then had to figure out what I wanted to photograph and the message I wanted to get across to the people that would watch the film. I started by taking some time-lapses of the moon and sunsets, which was just interesting movement that was natural and very visually appealing to me. I then started exploring different locations where sunsets were taking place and tried to take time-lapses of sunsets from different locations around campus. I captured movement from people going to and from class. I captured the sun with the movement of clouds in the background. All of these time-lapses I took were not on the same day, so I found it interesting that I was putting together a day at Saint Mary’s through the span of a month. Each time-lapse would range from 45 to over 60 minutes and I captured almost 20 of these by the end of my …show more content…
I thought this randomness of who made it into my frame which the photo was taken and who didn’t was a really interesting part of my project, and for some reason I always thought of this interaction every time I would take a

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